Making linked open data easy to use and to understand

At Samhæng, we love the opportunities afforded through linked data. The challenge in many projects might be how the data at hand can be made understandable and useful for end users. At Samhæng, we do that. We can help you create a user friendly experience for linked open data through end user dialogue; iterative co-design sessions with experts and users; and interactive prototypes created without any coding.

Example projects

We are in charge of the UX on the linked data platform Share-VDE. Share-VDE is a platform that brings together the data of 20+ libraries in Europe and North America, providing a user friendly search experience for the end users.

Get in touch

If you are curious about UX for linked open data; have a project you would like to discuss; or simply want to get in touch, do not hesitate to reach out:

Samhæng ApS
Islands Brygge 79A, 4. 1,
2300 Copenhagen