We’re looking for someone to continue the Fair UI research project. Fair UI is a research project with the goal of creating tools and strategies to help UX/UI professionals design digital user experiences and digital user interfaces which encourage unbiased end user decisions.

Our first experiment aims to evaluate the effect of profile pictures and names on short-term recruitment bias. We are looking for someone who can conduct a statistical analysis of that data, write-up and publish the findings. We are also looking for someone to who can think about the impacts of the findings on the design of gig-economy platforms, as well as plan the next phases of research accordingly.

Specific skills we’re looking for in a candidate:

  • The ability to analyse quantitative data
  • A good understanding of how research findings can be applied to design solutions
  • The ability to communicate research findings to different audiences and within Samhæng
  • A track record of academic writing and publishing

Please contact join@samhaeng.com if this has your interest.

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